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604                                   THE IRON INDUSTRY.
also furnishes the Sierra de Bedar ore from the mines "of Jupiter, Porfiado and San Manuel. Some of the Bedar ore is fine and runs 60 per cent, in iron when dry, while other mines give a purple lump ore running 50 per cent, in the dry. The Sierra Alhamilla deposits a,t Los Banos, Alfaro and Lucainena are also in this province. They are remarkably low in phosphorus and are in the form of big hard lumps, and command an extra price for use in open-hearth furnaces.
In the province of Malaga are found the ores of Marbella, the mines lying three miles from the coast and thirty miles southwest of Malaga. This is a magnetite containing 60 per cent, of iron. There are other deposits in the vicinity of Estepona and Eobledal. The province of Sevilla also produces a -considerable quantity from the mines of Pedroso and Guadalcanal, but the ore must be carried over fifty miles to Sevilla and this port cannot accommodate vessels of a large size. The province of Huelva furnishes the Bio Tinta ore, which is a hard and lumpy but sulphurous deposit.